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Marion County Drug Court

Drug Court is a program designed to stop drug and alcohol abuse, addiction and related criminal activity. The program targets low level offenders and places them under strict court monitoring and supervision, and provides them with drug and alcohol treatment. Drug Court involves a specialized team consisting of a drug court judge, attorneys, probation officers, substance abuse evaluators and treatment professionals. The team works collaboratively to monitor, supervise, support and encourage drug court participants throughout the program. National research on the effectiveness of drug courts demonstrates that participation in the program reduces the likelihood of future arrest and saves taxpayer dollars.

Melissa MIller
Adult Drug Court Coordinator

Phone: 503.584.7741

Marion County Courthouse
100 High St. NE
Salem, Oregon

Janalee Weitman
Juvenile Drug (STAR) and Fostering Attachment Court Coordinator

Phone: 503.584.4831

Marion County Juvenile Department
3030 Center St. NE
Salem, Oregon