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FAQs on Landlord-Tenant/FED Cases

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an FED?

An FED (Forcible Entry and Detainer) is a court action by a landlord against a tenant to remove the tenant from a rented dwelling (house, apartment, mobile home, etc).


Is there anything a landlord must do before filing the FED action?

Yes, the landlord must serve a written notice on the tenant to vacate the premises.  The type of notice, and the period of time by which the landlord may demand that the tenant vacate the premises, is specified by law.


How is the tenant advised of the FED action?

The landlord delivers copies of the summons and complaint to the Sheriff's Department so that an officer can serve the copies on the tenant.  If the landlord wishes, the summons and complaint may be served on the tenant by a private process server who meets the requirements under Oregon law.


After the landlord files the FED, how soon is the hearing scheduled?

The clerk schedules the first appearance date for eight days after the filing fees are paid, unless the landlord requests a later date


How does a landlord dismiss a complaint before the hearing date?

The landlord must present a motion and order to the court for the judge to sign to dismiss the case.