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The Court of Appeals, created in 1969, is the first level of appeal following trial. The court has jurisdiction to hear all civil and criminal appeals from circuit courts, except death penalty cases, and to review most state administrative agency actions. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court appoints the Chief Judge from among the thirteen judges on the Court of Appeals.

The Court of Appeals judges are:
  • James C. Egan Chief Judge (term expires January 2019)
  • Rex Armstrong (term expires January 2019)
  • Darleen Ortega (term expires January 2023)
  • Erika L. Hadlock, (term expires January 2019)
  • Joel DeVore (term expires January 2021) 
  • Erin Lagesen (term expires January 2021)
  • Douglas  L. Tookey (term expires January 2021)
  • Chris Garrett (term expires January 2021) 
  • Roger DeHoog (term expires January 2023)
  • Scott Shorr (term expires January 2023)
  • Bronson James (term expires January 2019)
  • Robyn Aoyagi (term expires January 2019)
  • Steven Powers (term expires January 2019)

 For more detailed descriptions of the Court of Appeals, see An Introduction to the Courts of Oregon and the court's 2011-12 Report. (For previous annual reports, see Statistics and Other Reports) For information on fees, transcripts, appellate case processing, and sample forms, see Appellate Court Records. And see School and Community Outreach on how the Court brings its work to students and communities throughout Oregon.

If you are looking for information on a pending case, please note that the court does not announce in advance when it will issue an opinion. You can find the opinions and any Supreme Court announcements about opinions it expects to issue the next day on the Opinions page. For other information on pending cases, please contact Appellate Court Records .